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Joost's kites

Joost and I have started this hobby together, so this is his corner..
Total: 75 kites

ACE 1 Tiger ACE 2 White - Black - White ACE 3 Black - Orange - Black ACE 4 Yellow - Orange - Yellow ACE 5 Yellow - Orange - Yellow ACE 6 Green - Pink - Green ACE 7 Yellow - Purple - Yellow Bean 1.0 Rebecca Bean 3.7 Black Rainbow Jam-Joost Bouncing Buddy Billy the Crab Bowl/Rotor 1m Bowl/Rotor 4m C-Quad 4.2 Chinese Dragon (centipede) Mini Chinese Goldfish modern Orange Chinese Goldfish modern Pink Circoflex 8m Dutch Clownfish 30ft Delta Delta GITP Delta GITP2 Delta LED Cosmic 80 LED Drumbox Chines characters Eddy Miffy (Nijntje) Eddy Thomas the Train Engine Expandable Object Box Kite EO10 F-tail Delta Devon F-tail Delta Dutch F-tail Delta Greece F-tail Delta Italy F-tail Delta Republic of Ireland F-tail Delta United Kingdom Fano 2011 Light Blue - Orange Fano 2012 Fano 2015 Purple - Pink Fano 2022 Fish 1 Blue - White Fish 2 Pink - White Fish 3 Orange - White Fish 4 Purple - White Fish 5 Yellow - White Fish 6 Red - White Flag Gouda Fox Red Haai 2m Jumbo Power Sled 36 Mirevo 1.5 (Joost) NPW5 lk=175-Joost NPW5 LK=250 NPW9b lk=200 Orange Peacock Wrasse 8ft Peel 3.6 Pepper 4.5 Pocketsled Bear Powersled XXL 9.0 Rokkaku Sweetie Sanjo 1,50 Venice Sanjo 1,50 Wales Seagull Seagull 4 Seal Snake Wheel Rattle Speedwing Pro (Green Yellow) Spike Yellow Star Square Woven The Box Two-liner Starter Whale 2,5m Windsock Jersey Windsock Zeeland Windsock fish Blue Windsock fish Groen Windsock Octopus Green Windsock Octopus Purple